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Welcome New Members!

Thanks for visiting our site!​

Welcome to our site! Please make sure to reach out to us via with additional questions we should answer here in our FAQ's. 

We want to make sure that your experience with renting with us is as easy as possible- so below is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

  1. (Dells) --Where is this at? All of the reservations we post in this group are at the Glacier Canyon Resort @ The Wilderness (the dells)

  2. (Dells) --How much is an additional wristband for the water parks?
    The resort does not sell additional wristbands for the water parks, the water parks are exclusively for guests


  3. How much is a 1 night stay?
    We have a 2 night stay minimum if available


  4. Can you hold this reservation until…? We cannot hold/ take deposits for reservations. All of our reservations are first come/first serve.

  5. How does payment work? We use PayPal and full payment is due at the time of booking.

  6. (Dells) --Who can check in for the wristbands?
    The wristbands for the water parks are given with the key to the unit at the time of check-in. Only the person (who is 21 years old or older) whose name is on the confirmation will be allowed by the front desk to check in- ANY CHANGES TO THE NAME ON THE CONFIRMATION IS A $125 FIXED RATE


  7. (Dells) --Does everyone in my group need wristbands for the water parks?
    Only children under 3 years old are not required to use a wristband for the water parks


  8. Are there any additional/ hidden fees?
    No. We do want you to be aware that the resort will attach a $125 damage deposit to your credit when you check in- which they release once you check out and they verify nothing has been damaged, etc.

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